Hawaiians had many games and toys for children such as spinning tops (hu) made from kukui nuts, kites (ho`olele lupe) made of pliable sticks and plaited lauhala, and juggling balls (kini popo) plaited from green coconut leaflets or lauhala. For adults, games such as spear throwing (lonomakaihe), disc rolling (ulu maika), dart sliding (moa pahe`e), and a checker-like game (konane) were played often in competition with wagering involved. Today, all the games are played by children and adults alike.

thumb Moa pahe`e - (darts) were used in a game played by sliding the dart between two upright stakes. This game was often accompanied by wagering

Material: Various types of hardwood
Size: Varies

thumb `Ulu maika - (disc) rolled between two upright stakes in a competitive game.

Material: Stone or wood
Size: Varies